Satisfaction and Refund Policy:

Physical Goods (such as fitness equipment or apparel) that are shipped:

Savvier’s Satisfaction and Refund policy allows you to evaluate your purchases of physical goods for up to 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied during this evaluation period, you can return your purchase to receive a full refund of the purchase price, minus shipping and handling charges.

You do not need to call before returning a product for a refund. In order to receive a refund, simply return the product to our customer service center (Tabata Bootcamp, 415 Manor Ave. S, Santa Cruz, CA 95060) at your expense with appropriate shipment insurance. You should also include your name, address and phone number to ensure the refund is applied correctly. You are also encouraged to include a note with a brief reason for the return, although this is not required to receive a refund. You must return all components that were originally shipped, except for any items advertised as free gifts.

Savvier’s customer service center will issue a refund (either by credit card refund or by mailing a refund check) within 10 business days of receiving the returned merchandise, as long as the return qualifies for a refund in accordance with these terms. If the returned merchandise does not qualify for a refund or is incomplete, then Savvier’s customer service center will attempt to notify you of what additional steps must be taken in order to qualify for a refund.

In the event a product is damaged during shipment to you, Savvier will ship a replacement at no additional charge, provided you notify Savvier’s customer service center of the damaged shipment within 5 business days of receiving it.

Web Membership for Bootcampers (Trainees)

Membership access as a bootcamp trainee is by invite through your bootcamp trainer. For first time members, once your trainer adds you as an invitee to the website, then you will receive an email to complete your registration process. The web membership is then activated upon signup and your credit card is charged based upon the start date (“Start Date”) of your initial bootcamp. You will receive an initial email with your login information. Your membership will automatically renew 60 days after your Start Date, and will continue to renew monthly thereafter unless you cancel your membership prior to the renewal. In the event your initial bootcamp Start Day is rescheduled before your bootcamp starts, then your membership cycle will adjust to coincide with the revised bootcamp start day.

If your initial bootcamp is cancelled prior to the Start Date, or you notify your trainer that you are cancelling out of the bootcamp prior to its start (and your trainer removes you from the bootcamp prior to its start), then you will not be charged. After a bootcamp starts or after any renewal, you may request a refund up to 5 business days after the start of your initial bootcamp or up to 5 business days after any renewal. Savvier is only responsible for charges associated with your website membership. Your trainer (or trainer’s fitness facility) may charge additional fees for your participation in bootcamps or for other services or goods provided by your trainer (or trainer’s fitness facility), and any refunds or disputes pertaining to such charges are between you and your trainer.

Certification Cancellation Policy for Trainers:

The Tabata Bootcamp trainer certification events often sell out. When you enroll in a Tabata Bootcamp trainer certification program, your credit card will be charged in order to hold your position in the training. Trainers may cancel up to 14 days prior to your certification event for a refund. Cancellations within 14 days of an event cannot be refunded. If it is 14 days or less from your scheduled event and you are unable to attend, then, subject to event availability, you are eligible for an exchange for another scheduled event that is occurring within one year of your originally scheduled event. Failure to reschedule within this one year time period is a forfeiture of your exchange rights. Once a certification event has been attended, no refund can be issued.

If you are attending an event hosted by Savvier (i.e. you enrolled in the event through Savvier and your credit card was directly charged by Savvier such that your credit card statement references Savvier Fitness or Tabata Bootcamp), and the event is cancelled or rescheduled by Savvier, then you can either request a refund, or you will be eligible to attend the rescheduled event (if it is rescheduled) or, subject to event availability, you are eligible for an exchange for another scheduled event that is occurring within one year of your originally scheduled event. If you are attending an event hosted by a third party organizer (such as Sara City Workshops, East Coast Alliance, etc, and your credit card was directly charged by such organizer), then you must review and abide by the refund/cancellation policy of such organizer. In the event of any cancellation or rescheduling of any nature, Savvier and those affiliated with Savvier are not responsible for any consequential damages or losses, other than the certification fees as provided by the refund polity herein.

Trainer Certification Term and Membership:

Once a trainer has successfully completed the Tabata Bootcamp trainer certification program, and subject to trainer signing, agreeing and complying to the trainer agreement, the website terms and use conditions and meeting the qualification standards set forth therein, then the trainer is an authorized Tabata Bootcamp trainer for a period of one year following his/her completion of the certification program. Ongoing education and information is provided online within the Trainer Educational Forum sections of the Tabata Bootcamp website. It is our philosophy that trainers develop their training skills best through application of the Tabata Bootcamp principals and active engagement with the website and Trainer Educational Forum. A trainer will maintain their standing as an authorized Tabata Bootcamp trainer based upon actively teaching one or more Bootcamps within a given year. The trainer will receive membership to the Tabata Bootcamp website at no cost as an authorized trainer during the period they maintain their authorized trainer standing. A trainer’s authorization will lapse after 12 months occurs without actively teaching a bootcamp consistent with the Tabata Bootcamp training guidelines. When a trainer’s authorization lapses, then the trainer will no longer be authorized to teach Tabata Bootcamp programs, have access to the Tabata Bootcamp membership website, nor utilize Tabata Bootcamp trademarks and Tabata Bootcamp intellectual property. In the event a trainer’s authorization lapses, then the trainer will need to attend and complete a certification session to renew their authorization.